‘Words in March’ at Poetry Nites with the Rainmakers

Don’t you find it quite coincidental, even to the barest minimum, that rain would try to disrupt a somewhat eponymously named open mic event, Poetry Nites with the Rainmakers?

I mean…if it should rain every first Saturday of every month (even in the dry season) wouldn’t that be a rather punning and crude version of nature’s joke on people who gather on such Saturday nights to share poetry?

And it has, in the past, led to one of such nights being cancelled, sometime last year–June 2015, if my memory serves me right.


When hopes are fervently set
on a day such as this.
But nature seems to conspire
against all the right plans made.

When the rains wait, awhile,
just in time to rain down on
such an open mic gathering,
to force
your will
and enthusiasm
to close for the day,
even before the day’s end
as the night begins.

Would you laugh it off and say,
‘Ha, what a joke!’

Or would you perceive it as
nature’s way of testing
how much serious you are
about making this night happen,
about walking up to the mic
just so you can share
all these lines you’ve qwertied down
expressing them through the amplifier,
these words in March…

[6/3/2016; 1359hrs to 1411hrs]

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy yesterday’s open mic night at Poetry Nites with the Rainmakers.
Right from the discussion about accent and identity and inferiority complex right to Robin Huws with his usual and awesome singing with a guitar.

Though I do not remember everyone’s performance particularly I do remember how the night made me feel: it felt wonderfully nice.

I think I enjoyed Chessed’s two performances the most; unintentionally mixing humour with the way he placed his lines. Throwing us in an uproar of laughter yet left us thinking.

Nii Ashale did great also with his performance titled “Being Average”.
Quamenah and Daniel (his first time
performing) all did great. . . everyone actually did.

At the end of the night, since it was the eve of Ghana’s 59th Independence anniversary, I believe Paul (a.k.a. 100%) saw it befitting, I believe, to add a good note about how we as Ghanaians should begin to cultivate an air of positivity in spite of all the relatively hard times in Ghana for some months now. I do agree with him, because even though I believe we should complain (protest–not limited to demonstration on the streets) about bad mismanagement of the country which has been attempted to be portrayed as good, I also believe in not remaining in that phase of complaints. It begins to become better by being positive and doing positive.

Wishing every Ghanaian a good 59th Independence Day anniversary.

If we seek to make this nation great and properly managed it begins with many positive things happening simultaneously, but most importantly it begins with you and I, y(our) positivity–in thoughts, words and actions.

•scribere est agere•


Celebrating Africa with AfroBloggers

Based on the theme of the blog I have been nominated for, Thoughts || Words || Actions (my poetry blog) this is what I want to say about Africa in celebration of it:

yet you think,
you do not have the strength?

see what your endurance has done.

see all the hope
with positivity.

see what you’re capable of.

i celebrate you
to stir up your willpower.

~A Write for Africa~

If not for nothing at least for this one thing I know, and I think it is worth celebrating, that despite the negative stories about Africa, we still strive on! And I need add, I also celebrate this about Africa, the efforts of non-Africans who are genuinely concerned about the progress of Africa. We still try to make the best in such situations. Contrary to what one might want to believe, I think there’s so much happening (positive thoughts) happening in the minds of Africans–young Africans. And so I celebrate that, and I celebrate the future, tomorrow and how these positive thoughts are/will affect our words and our actions for much of the good dreams and visions we have for the continent to be realised.

By the time I was done drafting this up–*it has taken me a couple of days to write this*–I had been nominated several times, first by @naatakia and later on by @Amegaxi for the AfroBloggers Recognition Award. And later on (by time I am posting this up) by @ayawuku, @sinawo_bukani, @Poetyk_Prynce, and @NJBraso

As a matter of fact it was through these fellow Ghanaian poets (@naatakia and @Amegaxi) that I first read tweets influenced by the @AfroBloggers handle on Twitter–has it been about 3 weeks since(?)–it was related to writing poems with the 140-character limit of this social network.

Personally I feel it’s a good initiative; it adds to the need for Africans to interact with each other more via sharing poetry with each other on Twitter, at least–it encourages it, so yeah…it’s cool 🙂

I nominate the following bloggers:

6. @Poetyk_Prynce
9. @SimeonMarkCofie

This is how the award works:

1.Once you are nominated, make a post titled CELEBRATING AFRICA WITH AFROBLOGGERS.

2.Your post should share a brief on Afrobloggers and the work they are doing. Also thank and link the person who nominated you.

3.Celebrate Africa in the way you feel is more appropriate and in line with your blog”s overall theme.

4.Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.

5.Ensure all of these bloggers are of African heritage.

6.Lastly, COPY these rules in the post and include the link to this original post.

This here blog isn’t the blog I was nominated for–at least by the blog Naa Takia did. I would have uploaded this post on that blog, but if you read the “about me” page on this blog you’ll find out why. Easier still, based on an idiosyncrasy I have, I have decided to separate my prose blog from my blog of poetry.

The Nuances of Thy Creativity

I am moved to qwerty up this post because of @GloriaBuckman’s seeking for justification (not from me at the moment she tweeted) for something I said yesterday about self-awareness, the artist, and their creativity. But since I am the author of the book she was looking for but apparently didn’t find, unless in an alternate universe I had actually written the book by then. . .

Here is the causal tweet, followed by Gloria’s tweet:

“to be self-aware, as an artist, of your creativity -how it works and all that- is such a powerful thing.

The Nuances of Thy Creativity”

“Can’t seem to be able to find this. Is it a book? Would be interesting to read his / her justification for this.”

I believe that when we are aware of our ‘self’ (our thought processes and daily routines/actions) which particularly makes us artists/helps us express our artistry we are positioned in moments where we can then be in control – to increasing extent – the art that we produce.
And therein, I believe, lies the power.

To be aware is to be knowledgeable and that is power.

For example, I am (very) fond of wordplay. I go all bonkers when another person ‘creates’ it, or when I ‘create’ one and another person easily gets it. If I wasn’t aware of it I’d probably not have consciously thought what more I could do with it.

Because of this I’m usually actively aware of what I’m thinking about as much as possible, this makes me more ready to pick up on creative thoughts that zap through my mind daily. So to be better at wordplay (which I became aware that I like, and could be good at and would want to be better at) I read more, especially about the meaning of words.

Dictionaries and thesauri then come into the picture. So in my self-awareness, though these words will float in my mind unconsciously, when an external object triggers a thought pattern or when inspiration strikes (because I am usually aware of my thought patterns, and this drains me of a lot of energy) some of these related words I need to create such an art of words quickly come to the fore of my mind (the drawing board, or writing board) which I do well to capture because I am aware of the thought patterns; how it makes me behave, how it makes me feel, how it leads me to desire, to want to share it or not. This self-awareness affords me that power to ‘control’ what I want to ‘create’

Therefore, to me, this is such a powerful thing; to be in ‘control’ of one’s self as an artist because one is constantly self-aware.

Sounds legit, right? 🙂

I’d like to know if you have any more questions or contributions. I’d love to continue with this. It’s basically a personal/self observation I recently made and could not be (or it could be) as common as I surmised it to be.


[26/10/2015; 2205hrs]

A Gamble of Thumbs

Those days were relatively hard times. And Kofi Nti really felt it in his life. It was like sandpaper applied to a new furniture being made; everything will smoothen out? And everything did work out perfectly as the President promised…

He smirked. “I knew the President had his acts together,” he thought. “His trip to various parts of world and the kind of people he met with was not a desperate move. No, it was all in the plan from day one,” Kofi thought to himself.

Two love birds were frolicking on the beach and this distracted him briefly but he ignored them and quickly caught up with his train of thought.

“I know people don’t believe in conspiracy theories but this power crisis was like a game of chess, intentional, well planned and was being well-played.

“Ronald was right,” Kofi thought, as he remembered what his friend had said the other day, “Dumsor was a hidden agenda for propagandist campaign. Rotten propaganda! They created the problem themselves and solved it just to make them look competent, eventually. Why can’t people just see it for what it actually is?”

That was a year and some months ago.


Kofi Nti gathers his attention to the present just in time to see Roland who is little bit ahead in the line that leads to the voting centre. He waves back.

Kofi knew that most Ghanaians, like himself, are rather confused about who to vote for: the ruling party or the main opposition whose warnings to us about how incompetent the incumbent government is. Right now it seems all that the people care about is that the main problem in the form of the energy crisis has been solved.

“But they can’t rule for the third term,” one business woman had expressed some weeks ago in a trotro.
“That is not how we’ve done it the past; you rule for two terms you must leave for another party to take over,” she had added with so much desperation in her voice, amidst nodding and murmuring from the people sitting in the bus with her.

As Kofi Nti paces to the voting booth a lot of things come to mind. He couldn’t as yet decide who to vote for. He remembered how the Dumsor had collapsed various businesses… Now they have peace of mind from the constant bragging of that loud-mouthed borga whose several small business had been closed down; two drinking spots in his neighbourhood also and how that has led him to give up drinking partially. He thought about how Dumsor made people use power wisely.

The power crisis seems to have had a little silver lining to it. He shakes off his thoughts as he stands over the ballot paper. The political party he endorses with his thumb shocks himself.

“I hope I voted right. I hope everyone votes right…For posterity, for a vision! and not empty promises and deception.

He joins Ronald under a tree nearby in front a government-owned primary school, and smiles, “My brother, I hope you did the right thing?” Roland had asked with hope glinting in his eyes.

Kofi contemplates for a while but before he answers a scuffle breaks out close to where the ballot boxes are. Three people have just stolen one of the ballot boxes. They dash off behind the primary school as Roland scurries past a gathering crowd. He breaks off into a shortcut hoping to meet with the one carrying the ballot box.
Roland makes it in time as he hides impatiently behind one of the houses for the the ballot box thief.

“Mewu o!” the thief lets out a shrilled voice as the box tosses out of his hand as he crashes into the undulating ground–Roland had met his shin, just around the bend, with a heavy kick.

“Aboa! This is democracy for you!” Roland shrieked, towering over the fallen thief.

The Mandatory Silence

Sometimes I keep silent and I imagine myself responding to something that is said to me in person and then I imagine your reaction to it. And I may concurrently but absentmindedly laugh about something you just said, a little too loudly or smirk so strongly that my eyes begin to water because I am now trying so hard to stifle my bursting out laughing; you think I found your quip that funny and so you’re elated.

No, my conscious mind didn’t even hear what you said. So you ask me something about what you said and I don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. You probably call me weirdo in your head and hope I don’t read your mind and find out that you just did. Then you say something else to dispel the air of awkwardness we just had in the group conversation.

So, as I lie in bed to retire for the day, I suddenly burst out, laughing my head off just because I now remember the joke you shared which I was supposed to laugh at in the afternoon.

I almost fall off my bed triggered by someone laughing out so hardly next door at the hostel.

The mind is a strange thing.

I have been dreaming all this while.

[Author’s note:
Written Wednesday 18th March, 2015. I thought about the phrase ‘mandatory silence’ randomly and these words came to me which I tweeted as I was moved. I then read through it several times and did what I had to before I thought it cool to share it with you.]

Qu’est-ce Que Vu!

I’m not too sure whether I believe totally in coincidence or not, and I haven’t yet decided whether to agree to the suggested absoluteness of the statement that “everything happens for a reason“; e-ve-ry-thing o! Everything. Okay.

But some very recent happenings have both intrigued and freaked me, together with other people, out!

Imagine that… -wait, did I say imagine? Errmm, just be careful. Maybe it might happen and you might freak out!- But imagine you casually thinking about something, and just a few seconds later you ‘see that thing’ or ‘that thing happens’. . .

Imagine that you casually think: “Hmm, it’s been a while I saw a parrot”, and just under 60 seconds, in a place where you haven’t seen a parrot or likely to see a parrot, one comes crashing into your window!
Or ermmm, while reading a newspaper in public you spot a strange news which makes you think: “What kind of news is this. Too bizarre.” And then you nudge your friend sitting by you to show them the news and just under 60 seconds , after your friend says: “If a dog bites a man it is no news, but when a man bites a dog it is news”, you literally see a scuffle somewhere close by and a man bites a dog!!! *stifles swear word*

Uh-huh, that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.

On a lighter occurrence, you mention someone’s name while having a chat with another person and all of a sudden the one whose name you mentioned comes around!
Yeah, I know. . . “Almost everyone has experienced this before. This is nothing new. Stop acting like you’ve discovered something super”, you, the reader, are likely to say. I know :-).
It’s even captured in then Akan language: *Onipa ne ne din (the person and their name, loosely translated).
But the frequency of the Onipa ne ne din phenomena doesn’t make it any less of a phenomena to other phenomena like it which are/may be very similar but distinctly different, and even yet to be taken note of.
In light of the fact that it may not have even been taken note of (which I doubt) these are some of the happenings I mentioned which has triggered this post:

-I was watching KSM’s TGIF quite recently. It was Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri who were on air. A few seconds after Ahoufe Patri answered KSM that her official name is Priscilla I got a message via WhatsApp from a contact called Priscilla;

-I was watching an episode of South Park on my laptop where Stan’s dad, Randy, had suited up in a Spider Man costume. Around that same, on TV, there was news about someone who had dressed up in a Spider Man costume in Egypt;

-I was watching an old comedy show of Chris Rock about a month ago on my laptop. My brothers were around and were watching the Television but they could hear Chris Rock speaking because I had connected the laptop to the woofers.
It got to the this part of Chris Rock’s show where he started making a joke and mentioned Colorado and David Blaine in the same sentence -I was amused because in one episode of South Park (which is set in Colorado) David Blaine was featured- I had to pause the Chris Rock show to laugh with my brothers. A few seconds later , I randomly asked one of my brothers to scan through the TV channels if there was anything interesting on TV. You won’t believe me, but on about the third channel he switched to here was David Blaine on TV! Doing his magic in the street!

I have tried to understand this and read a little around, and told a few friends about it.
And here is my dilemma, as suggested in my first paragraph, if it is a coincidence (because it doesn’t strictly fall into the definition of coincidence; time is an important factor here) without apparent causal connection doesn’t the possibility of a connection give it a chance to be investigated more? Won’t that probably inform us greatly about the human brain/mind?
Also, if everything happens for a reason what could be the reason behind my experiencing this, and frequently at that?

Qu’est-ce Que Vu! (loosely translated: What have you seen!).
I am yet to see anyone write about it (because I’m still searching). It might even be named differently.
The reason why I named it that way was for it to fit into the similarity of the definitions of such phenomena as found in Déjà Vu, Jamais Vu, Presque Vu.
You should try to read about the other Vus, if you haven’t, or care to know more, it might help you get what I’m trying to talk about.

What have I seen! Maybe you or someone you know must’ve have seen it too.

Qu’est-ce Que Vu!

Author’s Note:

The Onipa ne ne din is explained as “when you mention one’s name and one comes around then it means one is not yet to die.”

Do you know if Onipa ne ne din is captured in other language/culture? – The aspiring polyglot in me wishes to know.

Random Thoughts about Unity, and Casues for the Common Good

It behoves observers and commentators to take note that two leaders – or even more – can have a cause so positive for the benefit of whatever movement; to the extent that both can exist individually, or come together for the common good.
Even as a ‘coming together’ may be defined in various ways, even unto the figurative or the literal.

But two leaders! – or even more –
can become rivals; one of the other, or of each other, even unto the negative or unto a detriment.

So it behoves observers and commentators to take note, even as questions may arise of the how and the why and the rest.
There are likely to be questions about original motive(s), or whether there was a negative straying away from the original motive, which may have been caused by internal or external factors, or from within or without.

Unity. . .
It is – or has it always been – an enigma?

~Schisms & a Prism: Of Garvey & Du Bois, and maybe of the Sith & the Jedi, and Unity in General~


The darker the grey
that much discriminates.

The lighter the grey
that much discriminates.

Unity is a shade of grey
yet to be mixed.
~Piano Tattoo~

[2nd December, 2014; c. 1513hrs]

Different Purposes, Similar Dreams

in the ancient town of. . . it was customary of travellers or inhabitants to present two spoons and two forks to either parties.

the one who initiates the rite either asks to help or for help.

with time the travellers had to leave or stay depending on several factors.

if they decide to stay they’re given a spoon. if they decide to leave they’re given a fork.

it’s been a while since anyone was given a fork. many were given a spoon because they found purpose there and stayed.

one day one traveller, they called him nomad, was given a fork. the whole town was sad. they wished they could’ve changed the customs to suit their not wanting to let nomad leave.

with time they got over the pain, the hurt. the sadness.
perhaps, nomad had to go find purpose elsewhere. . .

sometimes we find purpose in the strangest of places.

~A Fork In The Road~

[0935hrs; 15th November, 2014]

Tropical Afternoon Thoughts: Devisiun


there are parts to the whole. united in the midst of differences. varied yet contributing to the togetherness.

so what informs the dark side of the word, division? what thoughts create such negativity about classism?

order, yet hierarchy becomes abused.
divisions but not divided.

the echelon
the whole
the order.
the universe.

~Schisms & a Prism: It Has Always Been About Power~

1425hrs; Friday,14 November, 2014

Random Thoughts in the Morning: Phases


will the sun withhold its light
from the moon
because the moon takes the praise?
or will the sun still not withhold
from the moon
so we can see the satellite’s face?
it’s no fault of the moon
that people praise it.
if only the moon could talk.
if the moon could speak for itself.
its appearance, its luminescence;
for a purpose.
how does moon explain purpose
to ears that won’t listen?
as if the moon can even talk.

lights, camera, action;
reality tv shows,
they do not mean everything
behind the camera is an act.
lights, camera, passion;
eyes be the camera
different eyes, different cameras.
different focuses see differently.
some capture detail.
some the blur.
it’s called perspective.
it depends on the one who operates.
through light that enters, one lens.
too learned for one’s own good?
through light entering, one unlearns?
lights, camera, malfunction.

will the woman who has planned
not to have children now
look down on her neighbour?
this is her neighbour’s seventh child
everything seems perfect for neigh’
why ‘no children now’,
looks down on her neighbour. . .
but should ‘no children now’
when she becomes ‘yes child now’
take baby to show off at neigh’s?
Why should she? Period.

legs will take you places.
legs will take you places.
some good, some bad.
all the same, lessons, not mistakes?
legs will take you places.
sit and learn about ‘places’
read about them. write. draw.
make. create.
exercise the legs in your mind.
stagnation, that’s for another day.
I said legs will take you places.
to paddle a bicycle you sit.
and your legs will take you places.
know the cycles
when to sit, when to walk.
‘legs’ will take you places.

for a while, only for a while
but not for good.
because it is not finished
until the purpose is.
most of the time it’s a phase
only you will understand.
not even by those who love you
not even by family or friends
sometimes you’re the only one
who understands.
sometimes you doubt yourself.
most of the time you stand alone.
sometimes lonely
sometimes knowing the difference
doesn’t even seem to matter.
for a while
only for a while. . .

**plugs in earphones to listen to “Phases”by @dzyadzorm [Twitter]**

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