When A Poet Feels…

Aloha! That’s the first word that came to mind when I decided to write this post.
By the way, this post was inspired by a blog I stumbled upon sometime last week,bookmarked and
have just found time to read through the blog — I have posted the link to that blog post at the end of this write. You may check it out for yourself later on.

Yeah…so the owner of that blog titled her post, “Is it just me?”

You know that kind of feeling where you experience something and wonder if you’re the only one who goes through that?
–Yeah, that kind of feeling. And then you meet someone and viola! You discover you’re not the only one? -Sometimes you’re elated you’ve met another person of your kind, at other times you feel a bit disappointed that you’re not that special after all 😦

The author of the blog wanted to know how people felt when they’re writing poetry.

Well, I wrote what I could at the moment – of course I couldn’t have written everything about how I feel when I’m writing poetry. So please don’t feel bad if you can’t remember the different things you feel as you write a poem 🙂

I wrote a poem about two days ago titled, “Empty Frames.” (I may upload it on my poetry blog maybe this month…or next month :), it depends,when it’s edited : ozionnpoet.wordpress.com)
I did my best to take note of the way I felt when I was writing it; it was a mixture of emotions :).My posture and all, and the music I was listening to at the moment.I felt very nostalgic… *snaps out of it* Might write about it soon.

So…I’d like to know how you feel when you’re writing poetry 🙂

–Let’s talk…iPoet (iNTERACTIVE Poet)–

**This is the link to the blog post which inspired me to write my post : http://slyvioletflower.wordpress.com/2012/08/05/is-it-just-me/#comment-406


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