8 hours!!!

I was tweeting whiles riding in a trotro (#TourDeTrosky) to Kwame Nkrumah Circle around 16:?? GMT when I saw this tweet from a brother in the arts, Hashmullah (@HashDaCelib8) – I’ve not learnt how to embed tweets in my blog :/ so I’ll quote him:

“Learning is a 24hrs business… Just like any other form of art, 8hrs daily rehearsal would make you perfect, try it in any field of study too.”

This may sound normal to many but I’m sure some artists who are reading this would understand how true this is!
It’s not even about the “8hrs.” The essence of what he said was try to make time for it, and that how much more better if you have as much as 8hrs daily for your craft. Of course, he said “any field of study too” 🙂
But I’m more concerned about the field of the arts because I’m an artist :).

He was happy I favourited it, and I was glad he tweeted that.
There were subsequent replies I tweeted at him to which he replied. It was a wonderful interaction, that’s What I want to say.

The essence of this post (and most especially if you’re an an artist [a poet specifically]) is that we need to find quality time for our passions. It may sound clichéd but once we try it out the experience will definitely not be a cliché; it will be refreshing as ever.

Time tick-tocks…are you sowing yourself? Are you investing time and energy into your craft…your art?

I do! And it’s been great for me.

*I should probably work on how to embed tweets in a post.


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