I Love To Qwerty (Writing Process Blog Tour 2014)

I should have posted my contribution to this blog tour on Monday, 5th May. . .

Ever since I started National Service I’ve had quite a tough time managing between writing and focusing at work. I now have to master the art of juggling my writing, work, my me time, among other things.

The writing process is quite a phenomenon. It’s – *office phone rings. . .After attending to the user I’m back to writing this* – an activity one can write so much about; it gives you the opportunity to look into the mind of writers, if they decide to write about it

Computer technology. . .it’s more of a blessing, to both readers and writers, than it is a curse – mobility. . .smartphones. . .ebooks. . .accessibility. . .blogging!
How else could I have easily written and shared this post without the pervasiveness of computer technology?

That was just by the way. The baton to this writing process blog tour was passed on to me by Fiifi Abaidoo, fellow poet and writer. It was passed on to him by Kwabena Agyare, also a fellow poet and writer, who also got it from Obinna Udenwe, whom I am yet to acquaint myself with.

The purpose of the blog tour is that all writers who get involved answer four daring questions that give insights into what they are working on and their writing life, after which they pass the baton to three other writers who answer the four questions too and the chain continues. You will learn a little bit more about the writers.
I present mine:

1.What am I working on?
Let’s just say I’m working on myself. I wish could say I am working on a novel or anthology of poems, or maybe a movie scripts, etc. But I can’t say that, because I’m not. The twist here is that I should be working on the aforementioned things once I feel I’ve worked enough on myself.

2.How does my work differ from others in it’s genre?
I haven’t particularly paid attention to it. But I have learnt more about it from others:
My diction is relatively simple. I like, as much as pos – *supervisor walks into the office. This happens a quite a lot – my notoriety for qwertying down thoughts whiles at work. It’s so difficult for me not to. It’s about 9 minutes to break time so I go out after he’s left so I can continue writing this. “Stop WhatsApping,” someone complains, as I sit at the canteen qwertying this down. “I’m not WhatsApping,” I say as I lift my phone to show her I’m writing a draft to this post. Sorry, back to what I was saying about my writing style* – I like as much as possible to write with simple diction that readers can easily understand. My works are mostly philosophical. I like to write about religion and politics -*I add this to this post amidst several people asking, “Danny won’t you eat?*

3.Why do I write what I do?

I think I have a passion for writing.
I just love the idea of writing down things; even writing on the sheets of books I read ( particularly in textbooks, and that’s if I own them).
Quite recently I like to qwerty down a lot!
I like to write for the aesthetic value of it. To be appreciated, to be analysed.
I write to provoke thoughts. To impact people’s mentality. To provide a line of thought for others to consider, to offer them a different perspective of looking at things.
I write to document my thoughts and experiences.
Basically, I love to write because writing is an activity I enjoy.

4.How does my writing process work?
I think it’s a balance between random thoughts and intentional thoughts, if I may put it that way.
I like to make my mind wander. To think rapidly through things, asking questions, considering answers. And when I think a thought is ripe I harvest it by writing (mostly qwertying) it down to be looked at later.
Sometimes it’s about how I strongly feel about something. Anger mostly.
Most of the time what I want to write about stays in my head for a long time before I pen down anything related to it. I keep going over it in my head, and if I’m fortunate to encounter an event that is related to what I’m thinking about and want to write about the process is quickened.

Without further ado, I’d like to pass the baton to three other colleagues:

Dela Nyamuame

Dela Nyamuame

1. Dela Nyamuame, a Computer Engineer, poet and a blogger. Blogs at http://efodela.blogspot.com/ and http://brodela.blogspot.com/ . You may folow him on Twitter: @Amegaxi

Amma Konadu

Amma Konadu

2. Amma Konadu, a student of University of Ghana, poet and a writer. Blogs at http://www.myliteraryzone.blogspot.com/ and http://ammakonadu.wordpress.com/ . You may follow her on Twitter: @bisola_inexile

Jesse Joojo Johnson

Jesse Joojo Johnson

3. Jesse Joojo Johnson, a programmer, poet, photographer and a blogger. Blogs at http://seriouspoetry.wordpress.com/ and http://williamsaintgeorge.blogspot.com/ . You may follow him on Twitter: @wsgeorge


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