ARTiculated – We Speak Fluently of the Parts that Make the Whole

As an emerging artist (poet) I believe that art is a powerful way to invite development.
The continuation of the progress of civilisation – even though I don’t believe human civilisation is as eternal we would want to have it, we cannot say that we won’t contribute to its progress or development.

We humans have various aspects of our lives that clash, and this brings a lot of division amongst us.
But I’m not here to qwerty down the dark side of the word “division”.
I’m here to write about the positive, the coming together of different parts (divisions) that constitute a whole.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival is here again and one cannot deny the fact that there’s a lot of buzz that has gone on about it.There are those who have attended it since its inception who will be there today. There are also those who will be attending it for the first time today.
Finally, there are those who cannot make it and have expressed their displeasure about it.

I just read Mutombo’s blog post, No!! She Is Not Dead!! and one line caught my attention:

“…the unity that Chale Wote fosters”

It is true that there will be quite a number of people from various divisions (fields) “coming together” for this two-day event.
Definitely professional networks will be formed, thoughts will be inspired to do more. And this without doubt will lead to greater things.

Art is an answer; it permits expression. It moves people to do what they love to. What they want to express.

By the way, Bar Camp Tamale is also going on today.

I am hopeful for the future of Ghana.
I believe the many young people who are taking initiatives, daring the odds to do what they love, passionately contributing what they can will lead to things getting better.

There’s so much positiveness going on with the Ghanaian youth, though we may not fully be convinced of it.

Each part, individually working as art provides the necessary synergy.

There’s so much happening that is waiting to happen!

ARTiculated – We speak fluently of the parts that make the whole.

[1844hrs; Saturday, 23rd August, 2014.
Inspired by Mutombo’s blog post and the buzz of togetherness felt at #ChaleWote2014, even in the hashtag and tweets. Sadly, I couldn’t attend it]


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