Random Thoughts in the Morning: Phases


will the sun withhold its light
from the moon
because the moon takes the praise?
or will the sun still not withhold
from the moon
so we can see the satellite’s face?
it’s no fault of the moon
that people praise it.
if only the moon could talk.
if the moon could speak for itself.
its appearance, its luminescence;
for a purpose.
how does moon explain purpose
to ears that won’t listen?
as if the moon can even talk.

lights, camera, action;
reality tv shows,
they do not mean everything
behind the camera is an act.
lights, camera, passion;
eyes be the camera
different eyes, different cameras.
different focuses see differently.
some capture detail.
some the blur.
it’s called perspective.
it depends on the one who operates.
through light that enters, one lens.
too learned for one’s own good?
through light entering, one unlearns?
lights, camera, malfunction.

will the woman who has planned
not to have children now
look down on her neighbour?
this is her neighbour’s seventh child
everything seems perfect for neigh’
why ‘no children now’,
looks down on her neighbour. . .
but should ‘no children now’
when she becomes ‘yes child now’
take baby to show off at neigh’s?
Why should she? Period.

legs will take you places.
legs will take you places.
some good, some bad.
all the same, lessons, not mistakes?
legs will take you places.
sit and learn about ‘places’
read about them. write. draw.
make. create.
exercise the legs in your mind.
stagnation, that’s for another day.
I said legs will take you places.
to paddle a bicycle you sit.
and your legs will take you places.
know the cycles
when to sit, when to walk.
‘legs’ will take you places.

for a while, only for a while
but not for good.
because it is not finished
until the purpose is.
most of the time it’s a phase
only you will understand.
not even by those who love you
not even by family or friends
sometimes you’re the only one
who understands.
sometimes you doubt yourself.
most of the time you stand alone.
sometimes lonely
sometimes knowing the difference
doesn’t even seem to matter.
for a while
only for a while. . .

**plugs in earphones to listen to “Phases”by @dzyadzorm [Twitter]**


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